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Air polishing- a perfect way of maintaining good oral hygiene

If you want a brighter and whiter smile, we, at Park Street Dental offer you high-quality Air Polishing Treatment. A type of dental hygienist treatment, AirPolishing makes your teeth cleaner and whiter. Supervised and executed by our dental health experts, it is one of the teeth whitening services we recommend for better oral hygiene.

What is Air Polishing?

It is a technique developed to make your teeth whiter and cleaner for a flawless smile. The technique is recommended by oral health experts. It is a simple process that is also painless. In this process, a stream of sodium bicarbonate or glycine powders is exposed on the teeth, which is controlled by water or air pressure for accuracy and efficiency. Besides being safe, simple and painless, this technique of teeth cleaning is also very effective. With expertise, a dental professional works upon removing the stains, plaque and any other dental impurities with the stream of powder, pressurized with air or water.

How Effective is Air Polishing?

If you have stains, yellowness, dirt, plaque or any other impurities in your teeth, Air Polishing is the most efficient way to get rid of them. The technique is a recommended teeth cleaning service which is known for removing even the daintiest of teeth stains caused by tea, coffee, smoking or red wine.

Reasons to Choose Air Polishing:

Air Polishing has become popular teeth cleaning choice recently and there are many reasons behind it. Besides being a highly efficient service for stain and filth removal, it is also very pocket-friendly. It is also a painless and gentle process which means it is perfect for those who have hypersensitive teeth and cannot undergo other harsh teeth whitening procedures. When compared with the conventional teeth polishing, Air Polishing comes up as a more reliable, permanent and affordable solution. Also, the results are highly commendable with a cleaner, smoother and whiter jawline.

What are the Benefits of Air Polishing Treatment?

Air Polishing offers a range of benefits including:

  • Unlike conventional teeth polishing techniques, Air Polishing does not harm the tooth enamel while cleaning stains from the teeth.
  • It is a gentle technique and can be used on dental implants without any risk of damage
  • As it is painless and also does not create any heat, the process is 100% safe
  • In air polishing, no tool touches the teeth and thus no pressure or force is applied to the teeth.
  • Anyone, above 16 years of age can take advantage of this technique.

Air Polishing is tested and approved way to enhance your dental hygiene. The process is recommended for effective and painless teeth whitening. If you have stains on your teeth and are looking forward to embracing a whiter smile, Air Polishing is the best solution.

Air polishing provides more effective cleaning

The machine for air polishing uses a powerful jet of water, fine powder, and air which not only polishes the tooth with all its surfaces, remove plaque, soft deposits, and cleans discolorations, but also reaches deep into the periodontal pockets up to a depth of five mm. According to many studies, it is more effective than a conventional scrape and polishing treatment which tries to remove the biofilm which is created when the dental plaque is colonized by bacteria. If not treated on time, it may cause periodontitis and also periimplantitis.

Keep in mind that subgingival air polishing can be performed with the usage of a “perio-flow” extension nozzle and air flow polishing is absolutely safe and it can be used with dental implants, crowns, bridges, and veneers.

Why patients should consider an air polishing treatment

There are so many reasons why to accept this type of popular treatment. It is less abrasive than prophylaxis pastes and if any soft tissue trauma has occurred during the process, it may dissipate in the next twenty-four hours. This polishing procedure can provide smooth root surfaces and remove all the bacteria. The price of an air polishing procedure is less expensive than many other teeth whitening procedures. The process is gentle and it is a perfect match for those who experience sensitive teeth. Consider the fact that the air polishing service is offered at a normal hygiene fee of £58. The treatment could be completed together with a standard hygiene appointment. The one hour visit of £116 includes normal hygiene service followed with intensive stain removal using the innovative solution air flow.  However, the two procedures can be completed separately.

Air Polishing in Thame

The air polishing is a great way to remove the discolorations and all the stains which are caused by drinking red wine, coffee, tea, or by smoking. Remember that this procedure can whiten your teeth and at the same time it removes the dental plaque and save the gums and teeth from future problems.

Air polishing could also be used as a before treatment when sealing fissures and it seems to be the best method which has to be used before the bonding procedure. This highly powerful dental technique improves the comfort of the patients simply by polishing their teeth without direct contact, heat, pressure, or noise and it is much superior to conventional periodontal treatments.

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