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Invisible braces are ideal for people who would like to straighten their teeth, without anyone knowing they are wearing a brace.

We use Inman Aligners®, which are highly effective and can be easily removed for cleaning or eating.

The Inman aligner consists of two braces, one which sits in front of the teeth, and one which sits behind the teeth. The Inman aligner uses Nickel Titanium coil springs, which use gently opposing forces to guide front teeth into their new position.

Inman aligners are fitted perfectly to your teeth so are safe, minimally invasive, and kind to teeth.

The Inman aligner is worn for 16-20 hours per day – so can fit around your busy lifestyle. They can be used as a standalone treatment, in cases of orthodontic relapse, or used as a pre-treatment before whitening or bonding.

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