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iTero- an intraoral digital scanner for the modern dental practice

iTero is a revolutionary unit of dental equipment which has changed the perception of the dentists and orthodontists, simply by allowing them to do their job more effectively and also efficiently by taking the advantage of impressive digital scanning. This is an innovative piece of dental devices which is worth to be a part of every modern dental office.

iTero digital scanning in Thame

Dr Adam Conradi shows a patient their 3D digital scan

We want to announce that we are the only dentists in thame that uses this amazing device. It scans the patient’s mouth and it produces images for creating three-dimensional dental photos in minutes. It is good to know that this device is easy to use and one person is enough to perform the action. The scans obtained by iTero are far more detailed than a conventional two-dimensional image they try to replace.

Another great thing about this intraoral scanner is that they help dental providers in creating physical dental models for their restorative work. The scanner is convenient for dental work such as crowns, bridges, veneers, implants, inlays, onlays and orthodontics. The iTero is exceptional for the new orthodontic technique for invisible braces because it helps in diagnostic orthodontic problems and at the same time, it creates the best treatment solutions.

All patients should remember that this dental clinic is focused on their comfort and safety. These are the key factors which lead us to use the iTero scanner for producing digital impressions with better outcomes. The scanning procedure is simple and painless and it allows designing tooth restorations without the usage of traditional trays, dental putty, and the specific nasty taste which are related to the older methods of taking impressions.

Top reasons why using this revolutionary intraoral scanner

In the next paragraph are presented the top reasons why we chose to work with this exceptional dental tool:

It is comfortable. The patient is happy right after the scanning process because he can breathe and swallow normally. There is no viscous mess which is related to impression materials. Another great thing is that the unpleasant taste or smell of the putty and the tray are no longer available while using iTero intraoral scanner. This is a great idea for nervous patients.

It is fast. The patient can see immediately the 3D scans right on the screen. When an orthodontic treatment is planned, it delivers very fast the Invisalign treatment plan.

It is accurate. The device is precise and because of this feature, it eliminates every need of retaking new impressions. At the same time, it reduces the patient’s time in the dental chair. It produces a perfect fit for crowns, bridges, clear aligners, retainers, and implants.

How does the scanning procedure work?


The experienced and well-trained dentist uses the iTero element scanner’s wand for capturing images of the patient’s tooth surfaces and its gum tissue. In the meantime, the persons are able to follow the scanning process on the screen. The finished scan is later available as a 3D model which would be used by the dental professional for the plan of the patient’s treatment.

The most interesting thing about this scanner is that the patient is able to see how his teeth will appear after the Invisalign treatment. When seeing the final result before the patient starts the procedure it will definitely put him on the right path to achieve the smile he always dreamed of.

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